Whose idea was the Installation?

Meadors, a local company, decided to create the installation to maintain attention and awareness of the Homeless in the Charleston area after the people who were living in the "Tent City" under the Ravenal Bridge were relocated to temporary housing. Through articles in the media, they became aware that without the presence and visibility of "Tent City", the issues of homelessness were being given far less attention.

Why an installation?

Meadors is a design company in architecture and construction, and has in-house capabilities to design and fabricate an installation like this. They felt it was a natural use of their capabilities and also hoped that by doing an Installation, long lasting interest would be created, and that the community would step up and become involved.

How can I help?

If you visit the Organization page on this website, you will find the logos of Organizations who help the Homeless on a daily basis. These organizations need help. If you click on any of their logos, you will be linked to their website, where you can find out what kind of opportunities are available.

Why should I help?

Homelessness does not simply affect those who become homeless. If that were the case, there would not have been a concerted effort to remove the "Tent City'. Homelessness affects the whole community. Tax dollars are used to help, however do not come close to being enough to deal with the issues. Anyone can become homeless under circumstances beyond their control. An empathetic community is a stronger one. The community becomes stronger when it engages in issues and deals with them.

Who paid for this installation?

The cost of the installation was paid for by Meadors, local businesses, and people who supported the concept and idea to help spread awareness. 

Where can I find out more about Meadors?


What is functional zero?

It is generally accepted that our community cannot prevent everyone from falling into homelessness , however making it temporary is completely achievable. Functional Zero is the point reached when the homeless population is not growing because there are enough resources to successfully help those who become homeless transition into housing at a rate that keeps up with or surpasses the rate of people becoming homeless in a community.

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